Book Review: Funny Valentine

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Book Reviews
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I have just finished re-reading “Funny Valentine” by Amy Jenkins. This is step away from what i usually like reading as it’s more of a romantic comedy type chick-lit book. There seems to be some dislike for this book but i actually quite like it, and it’s one of my favourite chick-lit titles weirdly enough (and i’m really not into the genre)! I have had this book for ages and read it whenever i fancy something quick and that doesn’t require much thought.

Funny Valentine - Amy Jenkins

Funny Valentine – Amy Jenkins (via Amazon)

The blurb reads:

“Stevie was a young woman who took life very seriously indeed: wouldn’t drink coffee if it came from a chain, would never buy a card on Valentine’s day. Why would she, of all people, be sent to spend a week with a film star? Why would she, of all people, fall in love with him? Why would she, of all people, get involved in the fame game? Why would she, of all people, send him a Valentine? A Valentine that blows it all apart. Funny valentine.”

Stevie is one of these women who is determined to boycott retail chains and retail holidays and has a very negative look on falling in love. You can just tell that sooner or later all her beliefs about the world are going to be shook up and of course this happens. So you can easily predict what will happen, after all the blurb pretty much says it all.

She accidently bumps into a film star and the consequences of this chance meeting show her following him everywhere under orders from a newspaper she writes for, trying to see past the film star’s exterior to the human being underneath.

The film star, Louis, seems like a nice guy who is just a normal person despite the fame. In our celebrity obsessed world, we always want to see the worst of celebrities or the best of them, and we still want to know that they are human like the rest of us. This book follows this topic as we see the reality of living this kind of life, but in a humorous way of course.

Stevie is an interesting character and it’s nice to see her relationships with her housemates, her father and her grandmother, all of whom are different but bring something different to Stevie’s life. Within these relationships we see different kinds of love, but the one type she doesn’t have, and refuses to accept, is romantic love. Somewhere along her adventures she discovers she has feelings for Louis, quite surprisingly to her, but the reader knows it was going to happen!

I give this book 7/10 because it is what it is: a chick-lit novel with a predictable story. It’s easy to read and is a nice book to read in between others. If you like a bit of chick-lit, give it a go.

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