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Posted: April 29, 2012 in Books and their issues, Random stuff

Oh yes!

I’m sure i’m not alone in being a sucker for not only books but book-related stuff too!

I found this fabulous little website via a connection on Twitter – Bookshelfporn.com – And it is pretty awesome! There are so many bookcases stuffed with books that i feel a little bit green-eyed at these lovely collections! It’s worth checking out!

You may be wondering what my collection is like? Have a look….

My tidy bookshelves!

My bookshelves!

There’s not a huge amount – about roughly 147 at the last count – but then i have got rid of my old childhood books (I know, i’m regretting that now!) and i do actually have a Kindle now so i suspect i won’t be buying too many print ones (about 20 novels on Kindle to date, plus a collection of all of Shakespeare’s plays and Grimm’s Fairy Tales!).

One of my favourite literary-related sites is http://www.theliterarygiftcompany.com/index.asp where you can find some interesting gifts especially for bibliophiles! I quite like their funky wrapping paper:

Victorian Children's Books Wrapping Paper (via The Literary Gift Company)

And i was tickled to see this!:

William Shakespeare Soft Toy (via The Literary Gift Company)

Random Book Links:

  1. I loved the bookshelfporn and i have about 300 books but they tend to come and go and i love the site that sells literary gifts, saved that one to my favourites and i dewey decimal system for my books, erm but that would mean having to take them all off the shelves in the first place – we’ll see.

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