London Book Fair 2012- belated bits and pieces

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Books and their issues
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I know it’s been a whole week since the LBF (woah, that flew by!) but i thought i’d share some stuff.

Firstly, the amount of leaflets and newspapers which i gained from the LBF:

LBF12 leaflet collection

LBF12 leaflet collection

It’s a bit less than last year, mainly because i wasn’t on a mission to pick up as many bits of interesting leaflets as i could get!

In all the seminars i went to, i was Tweeting and taking notes simultaneously! My handwriting just gets worse and worse these days! Not all of us were lucky enough to have iPads or tiny laptops and had to resort to good old pen and paper!

My LBF12 notes

My LBF12 notes

In my bid to find some more useful stuff on translated fiction, i went around some of the foreign publishers and organisations to find some information:

Translated fiction stuff

Translated fiction stuff

A lot of it is Scandinavian because i like that sort of thing, so i’ve got Swedish and Norwegian book lists. A relatively new find of mine is Amazon Crossing, which is Amazon’s attempt at translated fiction. I also got a leaflet about the Göteborg Book Fair in Sweden, which is like the London Book Fair but is more open to the general public, and this is one Fair i hope to go to this year.

At Euston train station while i was waiting to catch my train home, i decided on a whim to buy the Times Literary Supplement for the first time because i was curious about what it contained:

TLS April 13th 2012

TLS April 13th 2012

It was interesting but to be confronted with such a vast expanse of text when i opened it was a little overwhelming! I have to admit i didn’t find it massively interesting, although there were a few good bits. If i get into buying it more often, maybe i’ll find more reasons to appreciate it.

Also, at the station i popped into WHSmith, as it was the only bookshop i could find in the short amount of time before my train left. I was eager to buy “How to be a Woman” by Caitlin Moran after listening to her being interviewed at the LBF earlier that afternoon, so i found a copy of it. As there was a Buy One Get One Half Price offer on, i had a look around the shelves and found “Delicacy” by David Foenkinos, a title translated from the French language, and which has also been made into a film recently. I thought it sounded interesting and decided to try it (bonus points for being a translation!):

"Delicacy" and "How to be a Woman"

"Delicacy" and "How to be a Woman"

Still in the middle of reading “How to be a Woman” first, and i’m really loving it so far! Totally worth the money i spent!

Anyway, enough for now, i’m going to get back to reading it!


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