Happy Easter!

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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In the spirit of Easter, I was wondering what would happen if books and chocolate were combined…. maybe it would look like this:

Chocolate books mean chocolate ink? (image from http://pistolespress.blogspot.co.uk)

Chocolate ink sounds like a great idea, but i think i would be licking the words faster than i could read them!

And of course, every book-lover needs a hiding place for their stash of chocolate while reading, as was discovered when a man took two books to the Antiques Roadshow!:

Book's chocolate surprise revealed on Antiques Roadshow TV programme (from the Metro)

Not sure i would be so willing to cut up a book for this purpose though!

On a non-book-related topic, I’d rather try to eat my way through this sugary monstrosity!:

Giant Easter Egg (from silveroses69.blogspot.co.uk)

But my favourites are this Mr and Mrs Potato Head, except that they are chocolate eggs and not potatoes!:

Mr and Mrs Potato Head - Easter Style (from http://thecookieshopinenglish.wordpress.com)

Hope you enjoy the long weekend! Happy Easter! 😀


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