An afternoon spent in a bookshop

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Books and their issues
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Me and a friend spent yesterday wandering around every shop selling books we could find in town!

We discussed many books that we’d read, yet to read, or were curious about. We basically went around Waterstones from A-Z looking at everything! We were glad to see a section on translated fiction, although it was tiny and only had about 8 books on display, and i had read a few of them already.

I was also very pleased to find “Z for Zachariah” by Robert C. O’Brien on display, as i have been wanting to get a copy of it for a while, but had previously only found secondhand copies on Amazon, and i wanted a new copy. So i got a brand new print copy for £6.99! I read it at school and found it very interesting and have been wanting to re-read it for a while! It’s a great apocalyptic tale! So that brings my total up to 9 books acquired in the last week or so! (See March Madness – Buying Books for the other 8).

Z for Zachariah (Puffine Teenage Fiction) - Robert C. O'Brien (via Amazon)

Me and my friend raved about how much we love The Hunger Games, and wonder how on Earth we didn’t know about the trilogy even though it’s been out for years! She has only read the first book, so i had to bite my tongue and try not to spoil the other two books for her in my passion for them! The books are just brilliant though! We both can’t wait for the film to come out, hoping that it won’t ruin the books for us! Still annoyed that people keep comparing The Hunger Games to Twilight though – they’re nothing alike! Twilight is paranormal romance and (let’s face it) Bella is a pretty substandard heroine, while The Hunger Games is an epic dystopian tale with Katniss being a fascinating and compelling heroine! But i won’t rant any more about that now…

We also discussed how the last few popular genres have fared and wondered what would come next. We came up with the following list:

Witches and Wizards (Harry Potter) → Vampires (Twilight and so on) → Werewolves (briefly) → Apocalyptic → Dystopian (The Hunger Games and so on) →

What would come next? Some kind of rebirth series? Phoenixes? More undead? Or something completely different?

  1. Hope Wabuke says:

    I love this; bookshops are like best friends.

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