Book Review: Starcrossed

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Book Reviews
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Starcrossed (novel)

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I have just finished reading “Starcrossed” by Josephine Angelini!

It’s such a good YA novel, with a really different kind of supernatural element about it. Helen starts having a really bad time at school when a new family arrives on the tiny island which is her home. She is compelled to want to kill a member of this family, Lucas, for no reason that she can comprehend, although she is attracted to him as well. She soon discovers that she is a Scion, a demigod, descended from the Greek gods, and has many special talents. She soon discovers that she is part of something much bigger which threatens her, with other Scions wanting to kill her.

Her strange relationship with Lucas is particularly interesting, as it turns from hate to love to something much more complicated. I was outraged at the twist which ruins this love story!

Helen is a fascinating character, who knows she is different to everyone else, but until Lucas and his family turned up, she had no idea of what she actually was. I love the fact her best friend Claire knows there is something different about her, but accepts her for what she is and supports her throughout, despite their fights.

All the characters are well written, all with their own mysteries. There is the addition of some other characters who we meet later on in the book, and they caused me  some serious doubts as to whether they can be trusted or not!

I was a little disappointed in the climax at the end of the book, which could have been a bit more tense and more complicated, because it didn’t work out so well as i thought it could.

I give it 7/10 because it is a different take on the supernatural romance, and brings a whole new world alive. I was hooked throughout reading this book, and i was so annoyed when i finished it that i would have to wait a few more months to read the sequel, as it ends a bit abruptly!

  1. Lindea says:

    I think I’ll check out this book, I’ve been avoiding YA-romance for a while now but I think I have this book stored away somewhere.

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