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Tomorrow, I will be starting a new blogging challenge: the February Book Challenge! (sorry about the unoriginal title!)

This time i’m going to attempt the 30 Day Book Challenge, which i discovered on Facebook! I’ll be answering a new set of book-related questions! Although, as February only has 29 days, i will have to find a way around that, serves me right for choosing the shortest month!

If you want to join in, check out the list on Facebook and let me know how you’re getting on!

Check back tomorrow for the first day of the challenge and, if you want to, you can follow my hashtag #februarybookchallenge on Twitter as well!


Kansas City Library, Missouri, USA - (via

This is possibly the best mashup of books and architecture! Books? Check. Architecture? Check. Both? Hell yeah!

This is the Kansas City Library (Missouri, USA) and it is quite something! I found this via a link on Facebook and was so intrigued by this building that looks like one giant bookshelf!!

Just imagine, if you had the ultimate town or city exclusively for booklovers, the buildings might all look like this! I like how there are some (rather dead-looking) trees in front of the building, which can’t compete with their dead counterparts in giant form!

I have been reading Grimm’s Fairy Stories on my Kindle and really enjoyed re-reading stories from my childhood!

Grimm's Fairy Stories - Brothers Grimm (via Amazon)

These are the early versions of the stories we know and love, although they are a bit darker than the modern Disney versions we know, but that makes them much better i think!

My favourite stories include: “Catherine and Frederick”, “Briar Rose” and “The Six Swans”.

It’s funny how a lot of them have evil stepsisters and stepmothers! And they all seem to be rescued by a prince or a king! No hint of fairy godmothers though, that must be the Disney influence!

I love these old stories: they reward the hardworking underdog and punish the lazy and jealous people!


Note: I read this on my Kindle as it was free, and there are a few little niggles with the ebook – the stories are all stuck together and don’t start on a new page; you can’t navigate to one particular story; and my version is supposed to be illustrated but there aren’t any. There are also a few mistakes grammatically, and a few other errors, which ruin the ebook a bit.