Book-related Christmas goodies!

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Books and their issues
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As i have a lot of time off work at the moment and there is little to do where i live on a weekend (hence i always work weekends), i have been searching the internet for fun book-related things! There are some possible Christmas gifts in the mix!

1) – this is a lovely website for book-lovers, as you can get full text novel posters! They are really beautiful and although they’re a little pricey (obviously the bigger the book, the bigger the poster), i’m so tempted!

Sample of full text posters from

You can also get them in jigsaw form as well! A great challenge for a book lover!

Sample of a jigsaw!

 2) is a great source of gifts for literary fans, selling everything from books to bags made from books to literary-themed tshirts!

The Literary Gift Company – Scrabble Mugs
The Literary Gift Company – I Capture the Castle quote bag

3) I also found through a follower on Twitter (@kimbofo) who posted this cool article full of images of Christmas trees made out of books! Some are really imaginative!

Book Tree – from
Christmas tree in a book – from

Galleycat also posted a blog on Christmas Trees made out of books, persuading everyone to make their own to show their support of the printed book in these digital times With all this in mind, i think i will construct my own book tree, which i will post here on my blog very soon!

4) I watched BBC’s “Imagine – Books: The Last Chapter” which seemed rather ridiculous and didn’t even focus on the book culture within the UK, as it kept focusing on the US (which we all know is several steps ahead of the game). Most absurdly they interviewed a woman who sniffs books for a living, just so she can log what they all smell like (paper and musty maybe?), i mean what use is that??!! It has nothing to do with the future of books, unless people are sad that ebooks means they don’t get to sniff that nice papery/gluey/musty book smell. You would think that such a programme would have more indepth discussions with people within the industry but unfortunately it managed about 10 minutes (of an hour-long show) focused a discussion between a UK editor, writer and agent, before shooting off on a tangent. There was also a ridiculous feature on a man who chose to chew up a book and then called the result a work of “art”. Ermm, ok. There were some interesting bits but not enough to give a decent conclusion of answering whether it is in fact the last chapter of books with the advancing popularity of ebooks.

If you want to watch the show, see the link below on the BBC Iplayer (only available til the 28th Dec 2011):

5) The Guardian published this article on fifty things which living the literary life can teach you:

There are some great thoughts to remember:

  • Literature is theft.
  • Hysterical accusations of plagiarism are the last refuge of the literary scoundrel.
  • Great booksellers are a bit mad
  • Radio 4 sells books. Book reviews don’t, but they used to.

Hope you enjoy looking at these, and Merry Christmas!


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