This week (3rd-9th October) is Children’s Book Week! More information can be found here at the Booktrust.

It is a celebration of children of primary school age reading for pleasure, with lots of events happening to tie in.

It got me thinking about all the books i read as a child, and there were quite a few of them! A few months ago i blogged a list of the books i remember reading when i was young, which can be found here.

Its hard to pick out one favourite children’s book, so i’ll give you my top 5!

  1. Harry Potter series- Although this is a series, i have no particular fav book as they’re all good!
  2. The Famous Five series – Another series with no particular fav, but i couldn’t get enough of these books!
  3. “The Valley of Adventure” by Enid Blyton – Always loved Blyton’s books, but this was one of the best!
  4. “Vicky Angel” by Jacqueline Wilson – Her books are good, i didnt read all of them as i didn’t get into them until quite late on in my childhood, but this one is my favourite because it deals with the subject of death really well.
  5. Peter Rabbit books – Always loved these, more so because i live near where Beatrix Potter lived in the Lake District!
  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    HP isnt exactly suitable for children later on in the series though…

    • bluecloverbelle says:

      Hmmm that is true. I’m pushing the upper age limit of children’s books by including Harry Potter!

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