Book Review: Love Virtually

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Book Reviews
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I have literally just finished “Love Virtually” by Daniel Glattauer, and all i can say is: Wow!

It is a truly unique kind of book, written through the means of emails between the two protagonists. It creates a sort of voyeuristic feeling when reading the character’s words, like you’re a stranger who stumbled across the private communication which people have. This book lets you see people’s deepest and most secret thoughts and desires, their inner voices. It is like a love story, but it isn’t a love story at the same time, which is what makes it so interesting to read! It fits in perfectly with the digital age!

Emmi and Leo find each other quite by surprise and their correspondence is fascinating to read, with some many questions asked and so many answers found. There is always the element of “will they, wont they” as they discuss whether meeting up will ruin what they have and destroy their expectations of each other. The ending is somewhat surprising!

I really enjoyed this book because it is composed of their emails to each other, so we get to know both characters fairly well, but we still know no more than the other person. There is no external narrator, it is purely the two characters. It is translated from the German, but there isn’t a lot to remind you that it is set in Germany, but then it is set in cyberspace!

I thought it would be difficult to read a whole book of just emails, that i would get bored with the confusing emails (it isnt always clear who is writing them), or that it would take too long to get to a conclusion. However, i found myself reading through this rapidly in my eagerness to see what happened! The characters are so compelling and complicated and there is a different twist at every turn which keeps you hooked all the way through. It took me just a few hours to read this books, but part of me wished it was longer! There is a sequel, so i’ll be buying that one next to see what happened next!

I give this book 9/10 because it is simple yet complex, with a full range of emotions, and it is suitably gripping! I definitely recommend this book!


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