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Lack of reading going on

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Uncategorized


Don’t worry, i havent forgotten about blogging, i’ve just been busy trying to write my MA dissertation which is driving me mad and the deadline is looming next month!

As a result, i have banned myself from reading unrelated books (ie, leisure reading) for the foreseeable future until i’ve actually written it! So, no book reviews on here for a while!

I am however posting book quotes which i like, so keep an eye out for those!

I have also been out of action for the last week or so, as on 16th July i woke up in the early hours of the morning feeling too hot, and sick and dizzy. It resulted in me passing out and hitting my chin on something hard. I ended up spending the best part of the day in the Emergency department at the hospital, getting seen to and Xrayed for broken bones (none thankfully). I got referred to the emergency dentist because i broke my teeth in the accident, and then to a facial surgeon type person because of the huge hole i’d ripped between my gums and my lower lip. I was given a load of stitches and put on some serious medication which made me feel horrendous.

I’m still struggling to eat properly: can’t bite as have no front teeth left, can’t chew because the movement pulls the stitches, and have only just started being able to open my mouth wider because my face was so swollen. Needless to say meals consist of baby-mush consistency or liquid!

I have managed to confound every single medical professional who has seen me due to my unusual injury. Now i’m feeling better, i feel slightly amused by the expressions of these people as they examine me or hear my story. I also suspect my story will end up in some medical journal for its unusualness!

Everything’s slowly getting better, swelling has gone down, but i’m still quite stiff in the mouth area, and the teeth are still broken, but getting fixed next week, Yay!

So, i have had to take time off work and have barely done any work for my dissertation! But now i’m feeling better, i will crack on with the work. It’s panic-inducing that the deadline is getting closer, but i want to finish it so badly, then i can celebrate with my course, graduate, and then get on with my life and be finally out of education!

“Never did she find anything so difficult as to keep herself from losing her temper when she was suddenly disturbed while absorbed in a book. People who are fond of books know the feeling of irritation which sweeps over them at such a moment. The temptation to be unreasonable and snappish is one not easy to manage.”
– Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess

Book Quote of the Day

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Book Quotes
“People simply disappeared, always during the night. Your name was removed from the registers, every record of everything you had ever done was wiped out, your one-time existence was denied and then forgotten. You were abolished, annihilated: vaporized was the usual word.”
– George Orwell, 1984