June Book Challenge – Day 10

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Books and their issues
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Illustration of Peter Rabbit with his family, ...

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Today’s question: Which book(s) could you never give away?
“Peter Rabbit” series by Beatrix Potter

– Not that i ever like giving away my precious books -except for a stupid phase during my teens where i went off reading and gave pretty much all my childhood books away to charity (i regret that now). But i know i could never get rid of my collection of Beatrix Potter’s books: they sit gathering dust on my shelf and i rarely read them, but they’ve survived the clearout, and i can’t imagine getting rid of them. They are a true classic, and as i live in Cumbria where Beatrix lived for quite a while, they have sentimental value. My collection are an edition that uses photographic techniques to reproduce Beatrix’s beautiful artwork, and they are really lovely. The edition was published in 1987, making them the oldest books i own!


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