Image by Beppie K via Flickr

Today’s question: What is your favourite book genre?

– I have always loved fantasy novels, i guess it’s the escapism aspect. Forgetting the real world for a few hours is the main reason i read books, and it’s even better when i delve into some strange imaginary world! I loved “Harry Potter” from the moment i read the first book, but i also love the “Wicca” series by Cate Tiernan, “His Dark Materials” by Philip Pullman and many others.

  1. suzigun says:

    You’ve mentioned some great series there – but for me it has to be crime fiction. I love the additional aspect of having a mystery to figure out, and really good examples don’t have to compromise on the writing & characterisation.

    • bluecloverbelle says:

      Hey there! Crime fiction has become a recent favourite of mine, as my mother loves it and she’s lent me some really good books in the crime fiction genre. However, fantasy is still my number 1!

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