Book Review: Anthropology and a hundred other stories

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Book Reviews
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Cover of "Anthropology: And a Hundred Oth...

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I have just finished reading Dan Rhodes’ “Anthropology and a hundred other stories”, a collection of 101 short stories about love, relationships, and breakups, published by Canongate.

Each story is about 120 words long, and contains a girlfriend of the narrator, and talks about their relationship, whether it is sad or happy. The girls all have unusual names, and all treat the narrator in different ways, whether nicely or badly.

Some of the stories are quite heartfelt in their description of love and heartbreak, whereas others are quite funny! They are all pretty quirky and interesting accounts of relationships.

The stories are nice to read, and i read the book slowly as i just picked a few to read every now and then. I recommend this book if you like short stories, or tales of love and heartbreak. It has something for everyone, as it has 101 stories of different relationship issues.

I give the book a 6/10 as it is an interesting selection of stories and it’s a nice simple read.


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