Book Review: Little Hands Clapping

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Book Reviews
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Cover of "Little Hands Clapping"

Cover of Little Hands Clapping

I have just finished “Little Hands Clapping” by Dan Rhodes, and found it to be an interesting book, covering the issues of cannibalism and suicide. I found it to be a little odd, and a bit confusing at first, as it starts with a death which is handled very matter-of-factly. Then we are introduced to a subplot telling us about beliefs and stories handed down by generations, leading to love and heartbreak.

We meet several very different characters, with bits of the story told from their point of view, and although the sections are a little confusing but later in the book they are pulled together as the characters’ stories intertwine.

The tone of the story is a little morbid, but there are some moments of happiness, which make the story less heavy.

It is a well-written book which covers some intriguing issues. It seems very original, and its not the sort of thing i would usually read but i found it gripping enough. Its a fairly easy read, and satisfying in the end when it all comes together.

I give it 7/10 as its not the best book i’ve read, but the quality is really good and it is a good read!

  1. Maggie says:

    Just reading the description of this reminds me of Observatory Mansions by Edward Carey. Maybe I’ll see if my library has it…

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