Earlier this week i went down to London for the London Book Fair 2011. it was my first visit and i really enjoyed it! It was just 3 buzzing days! Weather was gloriously sunny and hot when i arrived in London, as you can see in the photo below, but obviously we were inside this massive building for 3 whole days so didnt enjoy the weather much!

Outside the LBF at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London

It was really good to see the cream of the publishing industry all under one roof! So many people, so many stands, so many books! I like to think that, one day, i will be employed by one of those companies!

View over Earls Court 1

I went to lots of seminars and talks on things like Translation, Russian literature, and Digital’s effect on publishing. A good one was “Harry Potter and the Russian Orthodox Church” talking about how the Russians thought HP was evil because of all the magic in the story, and then they realised it has a strong moral background and has strong base in Christian beliefs, as well as being about the defencelessness of children and so on, so its not actually that scary a book. Was fascinating!

Harry Potter and the Russian Orthodox Church seminar

Me and some of the other girls on my course went a bit crazy on the later hours of the second day, as we developed “looter’s mindset” on the World Book Night promotional stand which had copies of all the WBN2011 titles, free to take away! I only took 7 of them, knowing that i would have to lug them all the way back home on the train, but the others all took loads, expecially one who took 21 books!

My stack of WBN books!

I definitely have enough books to keep me going for a few months, as i already had a pile by my bed waiting to be read! My personal library is growing by the month!

During the Fair, I found it really useful being on Twitter, as i could follow the updates by people at the Fair on my mobile, so i had a deeper experience of what was happening. No-one seemed to mind that people were on their phones on Twitter, in fact the people doing seminars even gave their hashtag name so we could keep up to date with their tweets!

Talking of Twitter, there was a seminar on “The Tweet Smell of Success” which me and many others tried to get into, but unfortunately the organisers hadnt anticipated that 4 times the amount of the room’s capacity would turn up, as you can see in the photo below:

The massive crowd trying to get into the "Tweet Smell of Success" seminar

It was insane how popular this seminar was, unfortunately we couldnt fit in the tiny room, so many of us decided to give up and go elsewhere, which is a shame because it sounded really good.

It was a good 3 days, and i managed to network a little bit, got some contacts for my dissertation research survey, and had a laugh with the people on my course.

I didnt want to go home! I definitely loved the excitement and buzz of the Fair, and i will definitely go back again next year!


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