A radio interview after Digital beats Paperbacks

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Books and their issues, Digital Publishing
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Yesterday i listened to a interesting interview on Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show on BBC Radio 2 with Tim Cooper, head of digital marketing at Mills and Boon, after Amazon had announced that the Kindle e-books had outsold paperbacks in the US. (see The Bookseller- Kindle sales outstrip paperbacks)

Cooper said how the advantage of digital is that once you’ve finished a book you can immediately buy another one, without a gap where you have to wait to buy a printed book and wait for the delivery.

Romantic novels have been one of the more popular genres that have sold well digitally, but maybe this is because digital allows people to buy these books discreetly and read them on e-readers which don’t display what you are reading, as some of these books can be embarrassing to be seen reading in public!

Cooper said that other publishers have reported the same sort of sales, so its just the way the customer is going, with digital changing the market.

He believes that the physical book isnt going to disappear very quickly and doubts the end of it is coming, but said that digital sales will increase anyway over the next few years.

He also says how booksellers do have the problem that print sales arent as big so they are now offering e-readers in their stores in the US to help them keep sales going.

Cooper said you need to be able to look at your content and see what can be interpreted into digital for the ever-growing digital market.

It was certainly interesting listening to what Cooper said about digital and its impact on the industry, as it is a vitally important issue to keep an eye on, as digital is here to stay and is growing in popularity and developing rapidly each day.


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