Calling all parents! (looking for submissions)

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As part of my publishing Masters course, we are putting together a book about parenthood and how to survive it! If you are a writer and a parent, or even if you just have a story to share, please get in contact and submit your stories! (UK and US entries only) The all important linkUCLan Blessing and Bother Call out See the call out for more information below:


Parents, We want you!

Did your waters break in an unusual or embarrassing place? Did you fall out choosing your baby’s name? Did you find your own ways to cope with baby-blues or sleep deprivation? Then why not share your experience with other parents, in a new book of parenthood stories called Blessing and Bother: How to Have Children and Live to Tell the Tale.

Published in summer 2011 by UCLan Press, Blessing and Bother is all about parents sharing their stories of first-time parenthood, and how to survive it.

From conception to potty-training, we want to hear your unusual, amusing or heart-warming accounts of how you overcame the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

So, if you’re a mum or dad with a quirky story to share, or a midwife with an entertaining anecdote, then please get in touch. The book will be edited, published and promoted by Publishing MA students at UCLan University, who will be on hand to work with you on your story and perfect it prior to publication.

Interested? Great! Please take a look at our guidelines before you send your story.


We’re looking for entertaining stories about your own experiences of parenthood (about anything from conception through to potty training), of between 1000-3000 words. While we want your true account, please bear in mind that we want this book to be as entertaining as possible, with stories that are well-crafted and engaging. So here are some tips on writing compelling stories:

  • Don’t give away what happens right at the start – establish what the problem is, and keep the reader in suspense about how it will be resolved.
  • Try to put yourself in the shoes of a reader and anticipate what they would find interesting.
  • Try to pace it so that each paragraph moves the story on.
  • Try to tell it in your own words, avoiding cliches of expression.
  • Small, unusual descriptive details and similes are usually more effective than long passages set aside for description.
  • Don’t feel you have to end your story with a flourish, or a joke. Let the events speak for themselves.

Please email your stories as an MS Word doc attachment to Debbie Williams (, and include your name contact details within the document. Closing date for submissions is 28th February 2011.


  • ‘Blessing and Bother: How to Have Children and Live to Tell the Tale’ will be published in eBook format in 2011.
  • Stories should be between 1000 – 3000 words.
  • Stories must be the author’s own original work.
  • We are unable to use work which contains copyright material (e.g. quotations from other published work, songs, etc), or any material which, in the sole opinion of the editors, is deemed of a libelous, defamatory or otherwise actionable nature.
  • The editors may request reasonable editorial revisions prior to publication, where deemed appropriate, and will be available to help make any such revisions.
  • Copyright of all submissions will remain with the contributors, however the publishers request exclusivity for one year following publication.
  • UCLan press is unable to offer any payment for contributions. ‘Blessing and Bother: How to Have Children and Live to Tell the Tale’ is a non-profit publication; any proceeds raised by the sale of the book will go towards future publications by UCLan MA students.
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