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Posted: January 5, 2011 in Books and their issues
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Happy New Year to my readers and fellow bloggers!

During my usual daily visit to The Bookseller website, i discovered that Waterstones is suffering and is forced to close 20 of its stores over the year, further diminishing the amount of bookstores on our highstreets. See Waterstone’s confirms 20 store closures – on The Bookseller.com for more details.

At university in our last session before Christmas, we were asked to predict what would happen in 2011 in the publishing and book industry. My prediction was that Waterstones would end up on the brink of extinction, something i really hope will not happen, but seems more likely now there’s this incident of closing more stores due to needing to save costs.

Waterstone’s sister chain HMV is also struggling and closing stores, which is sad because a HMV has just opened up in my local town and this news makes me wonder if it will remain open.

Sales of books from shops have fallen over the Christmas period due to the bad snowy weather forcing shops to close due to the lack of customers able to reach them. Digital sales seem to have picked up however due to the growing popularity of the Amazon Kindle.

Book sales have taken a beating, as 2010’s bad weather at the start and end of the year caused a slump in book sales. In a Bookseller.com article, it states:

As well as the weather playing a significant part in 2010’s poor sales, other factors leading to the decline include the loss of Borders in late 2009, as well the uncertain economic climate. A weak pound, strikes and the Icelandic ash cloud meanwhile, affected sales of travel maps and guides last year, while the increasing popularity of e-books may also have had a small, negative impact on printed book sales in 2010.”

The best-selling book of 2010, particularly in the run up to Christmas, was Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s 30-minute Meals (Michael Joseph) with sales of 1,167,457 copies! Steig Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Quercus) was also a bestseller in 2010. The bestselling children’s book was Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn with her sales totalling £16.8m in 2010, possibly helped by the release of the latest film instalment in the Twilight franchise.

See Book Sales in 2010 fall by 3% on the Bookseller.com

I hope 2011 is a better year for the book industry, otherwise there are going to be some big changes and some unfortunate events. I for one would be sad if Waterstones disappears from our highstreet.

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