Pink Book Covers? No Thanks!

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Books and their issues
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I don’t know about anyone else, but i for one dread seeing books with those lurid pink covers. Unfortunately the shops are full of these pink-covered Chick-lit books, and i always try to avoid them, particularly as i’m not a huge fan of chick-lit (except maybe Bridget Jones’ Diary, although i actually prefer the film version as the book is awful!), because they are all so same-y and therefore boring. As if i want to read about someone moaning about how much they fancy that fit bloke in their office or how unsatisfied they are with their life… be quite frank i have enough worries in my life without thinking about anyone else’s!

I know the traditional pink cover signifies that it is a Chick-lit novel, making it easier for those who like that sort of thing to find them, but for those who may choose to dip into the occasional Chick-lit novel (for me, usually when no decent fiction is available in the locality!) it is oddly unsettling carrying a bright pink book to the checkout counter!

I don’t recall ever seeing books aimed at men plastered with a pretty blue cover! Any other fiction has a range of different colours, but i’m yet to find a Chick-lit book which isnt typically pink, or without pink text, or hasnt got images of women, clothing, shoes, or jewellery on the cover. I just feel like people havnt tried very hard to come up with an original cover!

I know its a “normal” thing to convey the fact that pink is a girl’s colour and that blue is a boy’s colour, but to be fair, once a person is out of nappies, this colour-co-ordination is no longer necessary!

I admit i do own at least one pink book, and it is quite a girly book (a girl’s guide to looking after your car….it was a gift!). However, I also own a few chick-lit books (mainly purchased for my English degree….how degree reading standards have slipped!), but they at least don’t have garish bright pink covers! See, it isnt necessary for chick-lit books to be pink!

Of course, the problem with pink-covered books is that they tend to not have content which is intellectually challenging or a worth-while read, which is sad because there are so many brilliant books out there on the market which you could read instead!

So therefore, i tend to stay away from these types of books, after all, what’s the point of learning to read if you are just going to read trash!? But of course, everyone has their own preferences so i’m sorry if you are offended by my opinions!

For my inspiration for this blog, see Queen of Teen Award Pink Book Covers – The Guardian

I’m interested in seeing what you think of this, and whether you agree!


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