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As the first part of the film version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is due to be released in cinemas next friday (19th November), i thought i’d do a little blog about it, just to be different!

I first encountered this brilliant book when i was at primary school, and my teacher chose the first book for our group reading time at the end of the school day. I remember sitting mesmerised by the story and hating the end of school bell ringing which meant i had to wait until the next day to hear more!

I dont think i bought the first book until after the third one had come out… and i remember the second book being the first one i bought because i had a cold which stopped me going to my saturday art class, and i bought the book to cheer myself up!

As each book came out, i bought them all as soon as i could and tended to finish them pretty quickly (especially with the first few being particularly shorter than the later ones!). I now own the whole set, and they are all hardbacks, except the first and second which are paperbacks as i only really got into them once the paperbacks were released.

I have loved growing up with Harry Potter and the progressing story of his life, and i still love it today, even though my mum disapproves because she believes it is a children’s book and i’m in my twenties and shouldnt be reading them anymore! I will still carry on reading them though, because they are one of the best series i have read!

As a literature (and now publishing) student, i have noticed that the quality in the last few books has slipped a fair bit, but that is only because J.K.Rowling didn’t want it edited so much as the first books, and wanted to fit everything in to wrap the series up, and so there is so much information in the later books that can’t be edited.

However, she remained true to her fans by making sure they knew all the facts and all the loose ends are tied up at the end. To be fair, i thought that although it is a happy ending, it is a rather poor and kind of cheesy ending!

Rowling has said she may write more Harry Potter-related books but i for one really hope she doesnt, because i feel that the series has ended and that to carry on would ruin it. Its good to stop while the goings good, instead of carrying on until it just fizzles out of originality!

I havnt enjoyed the films as much as the books, because the plot is slightly different, and also because it has ruined my own personal world of the books. Everyone who reads the books sees it in their heads in a different way, and the films havent turned out the way i imagined them to be all the time, but saying that, i think they have done as reasonable a job as can be expected!

Its great to see how the actors and actresses playing the protagonists have developed and grown up over the years, and i really hope they find success in other places as well as in the Harry Potter franchise.

Hopefully, i will see the coming film soon, and i am intrigued how they have managed to convey all the vital aspects of the final book onto the big screen!

(P.S. – apparently they have added a scene to the film which isnt in the book, where Hermione modifies her parents memories to make them forget she existed…..could be emotional viewing!)


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