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Book that changed your life

It is hard to pinpoint such a book, but i think the obvious one for me was His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, purely because of the ending where Lyra and Will have to go back to their own worlds and be separated forever after only having just realised their love for each other. That made me thankful that i will never have to go through that, but it taught me that sometimes wanting the best for someone means making a big sacrifice. I was only about 12 when i read the trilogy and it made me want to love like they did, and it opened my mind to different ideas.

Favourite young adult book

I have a few of these as i have read many great ones! Should i be boring and go with the obvious? Yeah, i’m afraid it’s a close tie between the Harry Potter series and His Dark Materials trilogy! Because i’ve read the former more times though, i’m choosing Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows as my favourite! (Does it count as YA though? Not sure)

Book you wish you could live in

I always wanted to live in Lyra’s world in His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman because i always wanted a dæmon because it seemed nice to have that constant companion. I also quite liked the idea of being friends with witches and armoured bears. I just love fantasy worlds where anything is possible!