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“Prison for the crime of puberty — that was how secondary school had seemed.”

― David Brin, Earth

“Within every human, a cacophony of voices rages. despite all the new techniques of cerebrochemical balancing and sanity seeding, those inner selves will persist in thinking unfair thoughts from time to time, and make us utter things we later regret. It may not be nice, but it’s human.”

- Earth, David Brin

Here’s a word which seems to have been given a new lease of life:


“Fail” usually means a bad thing, for example, when you fail a test.

Now, it seems to be used when someone or something fails in life, for example, “That stunt attempt was a fail”, or “[insert celebrity]‘s dress at the Cannes film festival? Fail”.

It makes me wonder: if something bad is a “fail”, why didn’t “pass” get used for a good thing? A “pass” seems to just be something you ignore, for example: “I think I’ll pass on the work party tonight”, or it just means “I don’t know”.